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The War of the Worldviews

Working from 1 Corinthians 1 3:10 The natural man and 3 enemies of the Christian mind. 1. Unbelief. 2. Biblical illiteracy. 3. Spiritual immaturity. 4:30 We all operate out of a worldview. 7:45 Peach tree Rd and the culture war … Continue reading

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The Forever Consequences

The whole sermon if worth watching but I thought that from around the 30 minute mark on-wards it was a message that needs to be heard. How we get grace. The forever consequences of unbelief and hardening your heart. The … Continue reading

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Shut out of Heaven Forever

Introduction It is now six months until the spring Passover when Jesus will be crucified, so as we come to chapter 7, we’re really coming into the last leg of his journey on earth, his ministry leading up to the … Continue reading

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Why we believe the Bible is true

But that’s not what they get most of the time. Serious study of the Word of God, diligent hard labor in the text of Scripture in the original languages and racing throughout the analogia scriptura, the analogy of Scripture as … Continue reading

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An Atheists View

This was an article recently published in the week-end lift out of a paper. I suppose it’s a classic example of how the world attempts to eviscerate the biblical account and flip everything upside down. With a stoic indifference the … Continue reading

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Simply Believe

John 3:11-14 The great truth of salvation that people too often hide Whatever you are, whatever you have done, have not done, whatever good you’ve done, whatever evil you’ve done has no bearing on this. Your connection to religion has … Continue reading

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