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Why does your interpretation of prophecy matter – to God and to you?

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Preaching Jesus of Nazareth – Part 2

Acts 2:14-36 It would be impossible to overestimate the importance of this portion of Scripture. We’re looking at Acts 2, versus 14 through 36, the first sermon preached the day the church was born. The first truly apostolic sermon recorded … Continue reading

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Bible Questions & Answers – Part 56

If God cannot look upon evil, how does He have a conversation with Satan after Satan has fallen? & Where did evil come from? That’s all bound up in what you mean about “look upon,” the Lord cannot look upon … Continue reading

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Tyre Prophesies From Ezekiel

Look at Ezekiel chapter 28 and I’ll just give you this one insight which is so great to show you the accuracy of Scripture historically. Ezekiel 26 to 28, we’ll go back to 26. Here comes a prophecy to Ezekiel … Continue reading

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