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The Purpose of Parables

As a side note, some (I say some because few people read this blog) might wonder why I haven’t been adding content as often as in the past.  I’ve actually been listening to Martyn Lloyd Jones’ sermons over the MLJ … Continue reading

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The Birth of the Church – Part 2

Acts 2:4-5 These are two monumental promises that Jesus made – to build His church and to send His Holy Spirit. Both of those promises came true at the same moment. So on the day of Pentecost, the Spirit comes. … Continue reading

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Zeal for my Fathers House

The overarching purpose of Johns Gospel Now remember, the overarching purpose of John’s entire gospel is stated in chapter 20 and verse 31, and I remind you of it every time because it’s the reason for everything that John writes. … Continue reading

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A warning to every proud ruler

The number 1 problem with the world today We looked at Romans 1, and I want to take you back to Romans 1 because I want you to understand what is really the driving problem behind the collapse of our … Continue reading

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