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Replacing Judas

Acts 1:12-26 …redemption has so far had three great elements. (1) First of all, the Old Testament, full of promises which are all yes and amen in Jesus, meaning He is the one who fulfills them all, the whole of … Continue reading

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When Believers Stop Believing: Portrait of an Apostate

Preamble JOHN: Here’s the letter from Steve. “Dear Grace To You: “Over many years, I have been blessed to receive free tapes, CDs and books from your ministry. Thank you. At those times I really appreciated them. Now, I no … Continue reading

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The Silent Servant – Part 1

Now remember, these are written 700 years before the Messiah comes–700 years before Jesus, Isaiah is giving us prophecy. They are not vague prophecies about Him; they are very specific, particularly in chapter 53. But when we get to chapter … Continue reading

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Do you love me?

The dichotomy of Christ and Judas One of these men we who belong to Christ will meet because that betrayer is in heaven. The other, you who reject Christ may meet because he’s in hell. One of these preachers ended … Continue reading

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