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The Purpose of Parables

As a side note, some (I say some because few people read this blog) might wonder why I haven’t been adding content as often as in the past.  I’ve actually been listening to Martyn Lloyd Jones’ sermons over the MLJ … Continue reading

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Bart Ehrman vs James White: Did the Bible Misquote Jesus? Part 1

0.00 Opening statement by Bart Ehrman 2:30 How we got the books of the NT. Talks about the gospel of Mark and how it was copied. Claims that the first scribe would have made mistakes and then further copies from … Continue reading

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Jesus: Glory, Grace and God

The most essential doctrine in the Christian Faith John opens his gospel with 18 verses that we would call a prologue, a prologue. This is John talking theologically. Starting in verse 19 he goes into the narrative part of it … Continue reading

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Satan: How he operates – Part 3

Causes Schisms He infiltrates through false Christians and false doctrine, and one other thing, and this is really critical, he infiltrates the church through division. Satan loves to divide the church, just brings him glee. Let me give you an … Continue reading

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