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The Purpose of Parables

As a side note, some (I say some because few people read this blog) might wonder why I haven’t been adding content as often as in the past.  I’ve actually been listening to Martyn Lloyd Jones’ sermons over the MLJ … Continue reading

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What does union with Christ mean for a believer?

Rev. Dr. Lane Tipton of Westminster Theological Seminary illustrates the structure benefits and pattern of union with Christ. Quick points as follows; A supernaturally engendered faith. Imputed righteousness. How does Jesus help with the fact that you still continue to sin? Enslaving … Continue reading

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What relevance does the Church have in the social problems of today’s world?

Watch this interview with Martyn Lloyd Jones and observe how he goes about  answering the most fundamental questions about Christianity and mans sinful and fallen condition. If apologetics means to give an answer as per 1 Peter 3:15 then I think this … Continue reading

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Why we believe the Bible is true

But that’s not what they get most of the time. Serious study of the Word of God, diligent hard labor in the text of Scripture in the original languages and racing throughout the analogia scriptura, the analogy of Scripture as … Continue reading

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Simply Believe

John 3:11-14 The great truth of salvation that people too often hide Whatever you are, whatever you have done, have not done, whatever good you’ve done, whatever evil you’ve done has no bearing on this. Your connection to religion has … Continue reading

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Jesus the divine light

John the Baptist is the last of the OT prophets John had a massive amount of people coming from Jerusalem and Judea, to prepare for the Messiah, at least on a superficial level, when he was baptizing them and so … Continue reading

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