Tyre Prophesies From Ezekiel

Nebuchadnezzar’s predicted siege of the City
Nebuchadnezzar shows up
Nebuchadnezzar gains no plunder
Enter, Alexander the Great
Alexander Builds a Causeway

Christ in the Old Testament & the Great Covenants

400 years of silence from God
The 400 years of silence broken
Christ as seed
The salvation of Israel
The 3 great covenants
The 3 other covenants of the Bible
The Barrier to the fulfillment of the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenant
The New Covenant
Gods Mercy
Israel still to this day have not repented

Satan: How he operates – Part 1

Satan likes to be mistaken for God
Operates in his own children and the children of God
The Devil snatches away the Word
Satan controlling preaching
Where Satan is most active
Satan’s core con – his 1st big lie
Satan denies the second coming
Satan says you can get away with rebellion
Tempts us to idolatry
Satan promotes angel worship
The satanic army
Instant gratification and ends in misery

Satan: How he operates – Part 2

Demons in politics
Devil tempts us to doubt
Persecutes the Church
Hinders Service
Infiltrates the church

Satan: How he operates – Part 3

Causes Schisms
Too much doctrine can be a bad thing
Tempts you to rely on your own resources
Satan tempts us to lose faith in God
Wants you to lie
Satan wants to tempt you to immorality
Tempts us to be preoccupied with the world
Tempts us to be preoccupied with the world
Resist the Devil

A warning to every proud ruler

The number 1 problem with the world today
God rules in the kingdom of men
Nebuchadnezzar worshipping his idol
God gives people time to repent
The evil ways of Nebuchadnezzar
The Lord reigns

John of Patmos

The Will of God – Part 1

Gods Sovereignty
The Gifts from him that willeth
Hardening ones heart
Will of command and will of decree
10 times hardened (heart)

The Will of God – Part 2

The Death of Christ
To Will and to willeth not
God’s active involvement in fulfilling prophecies
God blinding the hearts
Hardening of Israel
God holding back sin of secular rulers
Assume not

The Will of God – Part 3

I make peace and create woe
Calvinistic theology not making artificial distinctions
Is there something greater than saving all men?
Full range of Gods glory
The scriptures are difficult
Two lenses
God’s emotional life
Not from the heart

The biblical view of money – Part 1

Give and you get pressed down, shaken and running over
Sowing and reaping
The World Separates us from Money
Money as barometer to your faith
Gods Money
What do you have that you did not receive?
Faithful in much and little
People in the bible who loved money
Solomon’s love of money
Augurs Prayer for his portion only

The biblical view of money – Part 2

The 2 chapters in the bible that deal with giving
The fruit of repentance
Invest in eternity
Rich people talk about their negative experience with money
The Dangers of loving money
Riches come to be deceiving
What’s your price?
Seek the kingdom first
Close to the lips but far from the mind

The biblical view of money – Part 3

The joy of giving
Mining isn’t new
Offending others
Jesus was born into the middle class
The poor
The wealthy
The middle class
Slavery from borrowing money
Why people don’t have enough money
What to do with your our money

The biblical view of money – Part 4

Can’t handle money, can’t handle souls
Welcomed to heaven by those you helped
Money is owned by God
Everything is God’s
Observe the ant

Jesus the divine light

John the Baptist is the last of the OT prophets
What gospel ministry is truly about
Difference between Johns light and Christ’ light
People believe through men
The sun compared with Christ

Jesus: Glory, Grace and God

The most essential doctrine in the Christian Faith
The only way to have eternal life
God’s glory: what it is
Grace in place of grace
What the word Bosom really means
Jesus Christ explains God

Needs of the times

Discerning the times
Answering skeptics
Be decided
Private Religion

The Silent Servant – Part 1

Israel’s salvation
The Judas Sheep
Christ is Silent
The language of true salvation
What the gospel is all about
Jesus appearance was marred

The Silent Servant – Part 2

The theological weight of Isaiah 53
The salvation of the Jews
Very few Jews saved after Christ’s 3 year reign
You cannot redeem anyone
Where were Christ’s disciples at his trial?
A lie contained within the Jewish Talmud
The promise of the gentile salvation | Sheep of another fold
Christ ended up in a tomb owned by a rich man
God honors Jesus in burial
Knowing Jesus in the flesh vs. in the spirit

The Love of God – Part 1

God loves by warning
God’s unlimited love
God loves His own
Uniqueness of God love for his own
The Chapter that was banned from a public reading
God loved Solomon

The Love of God – Part 2

Temporal love
Eistelos (Perfect love)
Mystery (why does he love us?)
God’s kindness in eternity
Gods Discipline
God no prisoner
For God’s own sake
Why will you die?
Romans Chapter 9 – The greatest treatise on salvation ever penned.
Why is it that people aren’t saved if it’s God’s will?
Spiritual Israel
Ishmael and Isaac

Zeal for my Fathers House

The overarching purpose of Johns Gospel
Previews of future judgment in the temple
Jesus at the temple at the Passover with the money changers (Macarthur’s context)
These are the most severe things Jesus did in His entire life
How understated the miracles of Scripture are
Jesus attacked the evil system not the people
We’re the temple now
Judge ourselves rightly we will not be judged

Christian Liberty and Sexual Freedom

The wayward rational of the Corinthians
Paul’s Argument
The price of sin
Ending up in the company of cruel people
Losing your wealth
God invented sex
Brought to a piece of bread
Lured by adultery and prostitutes
23,000 Dead
Sex sin enslaves
You can’t say its just biological
Sex transcends the physical

To Marry or Not to Marry

The practicality of 1st Corinthians
Marriage for this life only
Jesus and Paul on equal basis in terms of revelation
The Roman marital situation
Feminine rebellion in the Roman Empire
It’s a good thing to be single (i.e. you’re not abnormal)
Jewish view of the unmarried = sin
Hard for the unmarried to be pure because of temptation
Some reasons to be married
Singleness as a gift

The Down Grade

Macarthur demonstrates true biblical authority in action (Video)

Divine Guidelines for Marriage

Paul married once?
Single and serving God
Jesus talking about singleness as a gift
What if can’t get married?
Burning? Then marry
How do I control my desire in the meantime?
Grounds for divorce
Mixed marriages and spill over effects of sanctification

Christians and Social Revolution

General principles
Being dynamite vs. being leaven
So continue to walk
Christians need to be preoccupied with spiritual things
The downfall of slavery
Paul criticized
Slaves are free under God

Reasons for Remaining Single, Part 1: Because of the World

The number 1 reason to stay single
The #2 reason to not get married (trouble in the flesh)
Marriage is passing away has no connection to eternity
Time in this world is brief
5 examples of the Christians freedom from the passing world

The Invisible War – Steve Lawson

The existence of a real personal devil is taught in 7 OT books, every NT book, and by Christ Himself.

Belief, Judgment, and Eternal Life

The context
All Pharisees were hypocrites
They believed that Jesus was only a teacher from God
The Divine Call
The shock “whoever”
Saving faiths 3 components
Reformers way to explain John 3:16
God gave his unique son
So what? (Re: God “so” loved the world)
The paradox
The word “perish” in the Greek
What “already” means (Re: John 3:18)
Why do sinners reject? Why do they not believe?
Stop appealing to sinners psychologically

Simply Believe

The great truth of salvation that people too often hide
Salvation explained in the OT
This is what you tell someone who asks; what do I do to be saved?
Human responsibility Re: your unbelief
A fact about unbelief
Unbelief produces ignorance
People who have gone to heaven and come back
Explanation of the snakes verse in John 3 (Re: Christ lifted up)

The Divine Summons

Believers or Christians are the “called”
The word for Church
Explanation of “many are called but few are chosen”
God is not an autocrat (Re: our calling)
Why are they willing?
How does the sinner become willing?
Choose your sin
The mind and the will

Usurping the Seat of Christ

The history of forced celibacy for priests
The reign of Antichrist is the papacy
Spurgeon’s View
Bloody Mary
Justification by faith alone
The Council of Trent
Matthew 23
All Christians are priests
There’s no link between Peter and every pope
Papal succession is a myth
Murderous and brief history of the papacy
The true head of the church

Testimonies to the Resurrection

The significance of the resurrection
No description of the actual event of the resurrection
Mark ends in verse 8 (an explanation as to why)
The 4 gospels tell the same story
Where the evidence for the resurrection lies
How the ancient world identified their days of the week
The women who ministered to Jesus
The integrity of scripture (an example)
Jesus tomb was sealed for a reason
The tomb opened
Nobody stole Jesus body from the tomb
What is the benefit of his resurrection?
What does it mean to stand in grace?
What comes out of the resurrection?

The Pastor as a Parent

The biblical way: The minister as mother and father
The unbiblical way: Throwing you under a bus
The DNA of leadership
The prosperity gospel
Paul’s credibility amongst his flock
Paul’s view of himself
Pay the preacher
Balance in authority in order for you to walk worthy of your calling
What pastoral ministry is really all about

Finding Security in This Troubled World

Christians have become public enemy number one
Life on a dangerous planet as described in scripture
Solomon hated life
Gods in control
Specific Trouble
Jews inability to assimilate caused their persecution
How do we do that?
Christ’s example
What does it mean “you are blessed?
John Bunyan
Regard the Lord as Holy
Make a defence
Have a pure conscience
Paul’s clear conscience

Learning from Bad Examples

Warnings about falling from a place of blessing
An example made of Israel for us all
What is the cloud?
Baptized into Moses
The rock that followed them
Quick overview of this passage
Craving evil things
About the golden calf
The death angel executed complainers
No panic

The Willful Submission of a Christian Wife

The Proverbs 31 woman
The death of marriage
Single into your 30’s
Be subject or submissive to one another
Submission in the Greek: what it means
Submitting to your wife
Everybody submits at some level
It doesn’t say obey your husband
In Colossians 3:18 the word ‘submission’ is there
In the same way that you submit to the Great Shepherd
Feminism is an outright attack on God
The Greek word kephale (authority)
Women are to teach
A woman’s calling is to be at home
Decline in society
Women working part-time
Your husband stands to you in the place of Christ
The model of this submission
Men as guardians

The Exclusiveness of the Gospel

The crux of the matter
The door is narrow
Natural reason is not enough
What about the people who don’t have the message?
Man unaided can’t get to God
Foolishness with God
We have received this information
The things of God are not available to natural man
Man on his own ends up a fool
God has overlooked the times of ignorance
Sacrifice to demons
The bible is the only authority and Christ is the only savior
Is there a lot of satanic religion in our society?
Quick summation
Human effort is all ‘bad good’
Later light

An Atheists View

Bible Questions & Answers 2001

On offending people
On interpretation
How infants are saved
Did God’s rest cause Adam and Eve to fall?
On apparent discrepancy between Jeremiah 31 and Luke 24:20
Does a person have to know that Jesus is God in order to be saved?
Is there any Bible reference to the age of the universe?
Thou shalt not kill (what it means)
Israel commanded to destroy the Canaanites
Romans 13 and the police/state
How does the Bible distinguish between the spirit and the soul?
Putting Jesus to open shame – what it means
Revelation is not about the destruction of Jerusalem

Bible Questions & Answers – Part 51

Allah is another name for Satan
God’s enemies become our enemies – Koran vs. Bible
Difference between Koran and The Bible – Imprecatory psalms
We’re not talking about working hard to be a Christian

The Uniqueness of the Gospel

The gospel doesn’t mix with anything else
The religious leaders were self-righteous
The number of fasts commanded by God
Three major religious expressions of the Judaism
A celebration
Pharisees out of touch with reality
What Luke wants us to understand
The meaning of the parable
Three accounts to reflect a fuller understanding
What is He saying?
The old garment here is not the Old Testament
What wineskins are
No one after drinking old wine wishes for new

The Paradox of Faith

The Paradox

God’s Rainbow Covenant

No message in the heavenly bodies
Repetition in covenants
The idea of a covenant is very unfamiliar today
God made 6 covenants – God is faithful
The basis of common grace
This is the sign of the covenant – The reason for rainbows
The Lord is a warrior

Faith or Works

What is James saying when he says Abraham our father was justified by works?


I was appalled to see our prime minister defend his view on homosexual marriage by misquoting the bible

When Believers Stop Believing: Portrait of an Apostate

What does apostasy mean?
Jesus never speaks of Judas as a believer
Continuity is the evidence of true salvation
Judas was motivated by greed
The most helpful portion in all of Paul’s writings to a Christian
What to say to someone who struggles with assurance
The joy of trials
Evidence your faith is real
Proof of your faith
The testing of your faith proves its reality
What to expect when you have a saving faith
Apostate churches
Warning signs of someone who is abandoning the faith
The unpardonable sin
Don’t confuse an apostate with the facts
Difference between doubt and denial
I don’t know if I’m saved – What scripture says about this

Self Destruction

You do not have, because you do not ask.

Keeping a Pure Heart

“The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart” – (Steve Lawson Video)

Reasons to Forgive – Parts 1 & 2

Gods Forgiveness
Whoever has offended you has offended God greater
Perfecting You

Perception, Peeping-Toms & Perniciousness

Perception, Peeping-Toms and perniciousness are just three problems that I see when it comes to bikie gangs being given ample air time.

Bible Questions & Answers – Part 56

If God cannot look upon evil, how does He have a conversation with Satan after Satan has fallen?
Nothing specifically going on in Israel right now is connected to biblical prophecy
I am not pro-national Israel, I am pro-prophetic Israel. Do you see a difference there?

A True Knowledge of the True God – Part 1

America worships an unknown God
A rebuttal of Pantheism
This is Satanic
This is eternal life
The testimony of the Lord

The Inside Story on Defilement

One of the most important teaching places in the gospel
It’s a matter of the heart
Where evil in a person comes from
What circumcision was about
He declared all foods clean
The Roman Catholic Church and sexually abusive priests
In the New Testament you have no rituals
The New Testament speaks only of what defiles the inside
The internal list
King of corruption

Falling Away – ABS statistics showing the downtrend in people reporting no religion

The Voices of our Days

The Faith Chapter – Hebrews 11

The last words of Christ on the cross

Accidents, Not Punishments

A Jealous God

Sympathy with God
Egypt and ancient Israel
Husband, is your wife your goddess in your spirit?
Provoke him with the dead
Pushing the matter home
Beware of Self-righteousness
Beware of vain glory
Jealous of your love

An Atheists view on Life

When the Crosses are Gone (Video Study)

Why we believe the bible is true

Superior to reason
Our gospel came not unto you in word only
An invitation to prove the bible is true
Natural man can’t get there by himself
Our gospel is veiled
The barriers to belief
Why do we believe the Bible?

Introduction to Acts – Part 2

Church Growth and brief preamble
The main character in the book of Acts
Luke is the writer
The Apostles in weakness
The Apostles in power
They start quoting the Old Testament
A pattern for church growth

Shut out of Heaven forever

The man whom they’re seeking to kill
A denial
They think they know him
Their confusion
They failed to check the facts
Misinterpreted scripture: there was no grand entrance
Suppressing the truth in unrighteousness
Holy anger ends with Jesus yelling
They don’t know him
People nowadays don’t know him
From the peoples’ confusion to the rulers’ rejection
The tide is turning
The final point
Seek the Lord while he may be found

Replacing Judas

Fulfilling prophecy
The Roman World
Our World
Select Men
Waiting about
Sabbath Days Journey
Jesus’ Brother, James
Re: Mary
They were told to wait
Peter & Judas Iscariot
Judas and the field of blood
Predicated that someone would take the place of Judas
Judas’s Replacement

The Birth of the Church – Part 1

The great events
Here we meet the Church
The Body of Christ
The meaning of the word Pentecost
The key feasts
Leavened Bread – What it means
Violent rushing wind
Drawn together in one body
In Unity
Helping Jesus?
Appeared to them in tongues
The Holy Spirit is their life
Steven filled with the Holy Spirit
One last point

Continuing Christ’s Work – Part 2

Apostle’s imperfections
– Disobedience
– Cowardice
– Impatience
Why would Luke send the letter to him?
Tools used to get the message out into the world
Sound doctrine
All about words
The attack on scripture
And what is that confidence?
The right power
Why? Wait.
Connected with the last days
This is for power
The proper mystery
The doctrine of imminence
The proper mission

Q&A Session with Dr. Al Mohler (Video Study)

Is this why you don’t share your faith? (Video Study)

The Birth of the church – Part 2

Proper understanding of languages
Connected to Cults and false religion
A repeatable event?
Speaking in languages
A sign
Corrupted by the Corinthians
Why are they talking in all these languages?
Speaking to them in a language they cannot understand
784 years before Paul
Moses warned. Isaiah warned. Jeremiah warned
Israel is at this point set aside
The apostles warned

The Freedom of True Discipleship

Those who had believed
Sermon on the Mount
The soils
They went out from us
You need endurance
Angels separate the wheat from tares
The dragnet
The pull of sin
Halfway to Christ
False faith is everywhere
The benchmark
Sound theology and sound practice
If you have doubts about the legitimacy of your salvation
Saving faith is a gift from God
The benefit of true salvation
The Jews weren’t free

Preaching Jesus of Nazareth – Part 2

The Feast of Pentecost
Baptized with the Holy Spirit
The very first thing the church did
Launched the Messianic age
Audio miracles, video miracles, linguistic miracles
The first sermon
The theme of the sermon
What Joel 2 prophesied is happening
Peter proves his claim piercing 3000 hearts
The Holy Spirit convicts them
God’s predetermined plan
Never a time of decision
If they knew the Old Testament
The great culmination of Peter’s sermon
Peter is going to prove from Psalm 16

The Reliability of the New Testament Text (Video Study)

James White Vs Steven Anderson: On King James Onlyism (Video Study)

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