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When the Crosses are Gone book: When the Crosses Are Gone: Restoring Sanity to a World Gone Mad It all reminds me of the recent sermon I read from Spurgeon, in that while they may get rid of the crosses it could prove that; … Continue reading

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When Believers Stop Believing: Portrait of an Apostate

Preamble JOHN: Here’s the letter from Steve. “Dear Grace To You: “Over many years, I have been blessed to receive free tapes, CDs and books from your ministry. Thank you. At those times I really appreciated them. Now, I no … Continue reading

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Usurping the Seat of Christ

…tonight I want to talk to you about the pope and what is going on in the display of Roman Catholicism in front of us, from the perspective of the Word of God, the Scripture. This is a big subject … Continue reading

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