This blog was started on the 3rd of February 2013 so its over 2 years old. Basically, I print out lots of stuff on theology from the net, read it, highlight it, then post it here 🙂 Much of the material comes from Grace to you, which I’m sure a lot of people would be familiar with.

Who & Where

I’m 39, male and live in Australia on the south eastern seaboard 281km east of Melbourne in the small city of Bairnsdale. Traditionally, Christianity in Bairnsdale consisted mainly of Roman Catholicism but the more reformed churches, Anglicans, Baptists and Pentecostals are according to statistics, taking a lead these days. The Catholic and Pentecostals are the only two churches that have educational institutions within the Bairnsdale region with those being Nagle College and the Bairnsdale Christian Community School respectively.

Like most places the rampant influence of secularism has kind of crept in and generally takes precedence on the local scene. The Bairnsdale Advertiser tends to offer a more conservative editorial from time to time and lends a voice that balances out the public dialogue, a rarity given the majority of the Australian press is somewhat leftist.

If I was pressed to give a favourite bible verse I’d probably quote John 17:17 and one that ties in with that which is John 14:6. I’d also add 1 John 2:15-17

My Interests

I’m not a huge fan of psychology/psychiatry but my personality type is supposed to be ISFJ but I’m pretty sure I transverse all letters of the Jungian spectrum in any one year. In my spare time I help research, create and edit articles for Wikipedia with my main interests at the moment being local history.

I enjoy keeping fit, running, very amateur photography, scenic walks and various other sports. I’m a bit of beach-goer and like to take advantage of the Gippsland Lakes and 90 mile beach. I love the sand and waves, bodysurfing most of all, but I also recognise the inherent dangers of the surf, and guess what, it’s NOT sharks (More on countering their attacks here, here and here), it’s rips. I urge everyone to watch How to survive beach rip currents put up by ‘Dr Rip’ from the University of New South Wales. Also check out Rip currents – Near shore fundamentals (you’ll need to sign up to gain FREE access), Science of the surf and last but not least watch this rip current video (6 minutes) that shows you how to recognize rip currents, what to do if you are caught in one, what to do if you see someone else caught in one.

I might come across as fanatical about this but I recognise that almost everyone likes a day at the beach and I know that thousands of people worldwide drown each year as a result of being caught in rip currents and tens of thousands more have to be rescued. Investing in a little knowledge that won’t take anymore than a few minutes of your time can prevent that from happening.


Mark 13:37 – What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’

World Weather and Solar activity

  • Suspicious 0bservers – The home of an online research community investigating solar activity, climate change, earthquakes, and more. Generally does a daily solar weather report with live video of the sun. Interesting facts about the sun etc.
  • Adapt 2030 – Covers issues of climate change and the sun, which is now proposed by some to be entering a period of low activity as seen with both the Maunder Minimum 1645-1715 AD and the Dalton Minimum ranging roughly from the years 1790 to 1830.

World News

Basically these are montages of World News. Strive to watch them with discernment.

  • Fidockave213 – World News and the stuff you don’t generally see on your regular 6pm broadcasts. Some of it can be a bit of an eye opener.
  • Jason A – Very similar to Fidockave213.

Other Stuff

  • Selfpromotion.com is a website dedicated to helping you SEO your website and get it ranked. It’s totally FREE and cuts through a lot of the nonsense and misinformation about what it takes to get your site in the search engines and ranking well. Also, if you don’t know a closing tag from an opening one and you think HTML is an acronym for Hit The Mother Load or you still think font tags are the in-thing, then get yourself to community college like TAFE and do a course in Information Technology. You’ll learn a lot not just from the college itself but from your fellow students.


Interesting Stuff

Quote:”A text without a context is a pretext for a proof-text.”

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