Singleness: Blessing or Burden and the Sex Myth

The above video is a great sermon on singleness and relationships within the context of marriage. I guess for a lot of Christians who are single, myself included, it can be a hard road but there is food for thought here. Some people might be in love with the idea of being in love and its possible that the fantasy is what they’re chasing as opposed to the reality.  There’s a book I’d give mention to here The Sex Myth in which the author, Rachel Hills, argues that much of what is bandied about in public discourse is largely myth and not reality. Another article that might be worth your time and that I was pointed to from my subscription to Al Mohler’s The Briefing Newletters is Why the Game is Rigged – Why sex that’s consensual can still be bad and why we’re not talking about it. At any rate, these matters important and hopefully all the singletons out there might be able to garner something from it.

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