Islam infiltrating American Society

Includes commentary from Kamal Saleem a convert from radical Islam to Christianity aswell as former commander of Delta Force Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin (Ret.) and Dr. Emir Caner also a former Muslim (Sunni).

Covers the issue of Islam infiltrating American Society

This brief forum essentially asks;

What is Islam?

How is Islam affecting America?

Who is the leader of Islam?

What is the Qur’an and its message?

What is Sharia Law?

3:20 minute mark – Where did the Muslim Brotherhood begin? Talks about a global caliphate, The Ottoman Empire, the Muslim Brotherhood and its founders, their association with Hitler and the estimated time (1960’s) that Islam gained access to the United States.

6:30 The Head of Al-Qaeda. Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America are documented in the Holy Land Foundation Trial.

8:33 American first, Muslim second?

8:50 The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood

9:19 How can know a radical from a non-radical?

9:55 Different definitions of Jihad and the different ways to do it.

10:40 The Pillars of Islam. The ‘invisible’ Pillar

11:05 Jihad of the Womb, Political Jihad, Banking Jihad etc

11:24 3 Strategies of deception

12:00 The definition of Jihad from Dr. Emir Caner citing an example from the Qur’an.

14:00 Talks about the penetration of Islam into the media.

16:50 Education system, indoctrination in schools etc.

18:05 Islam appreciation day. Dearborn, Michigan no free speech areas.

19:30 Islam in the financial system. Talks about the idea of Zakat. Sharia compliant transactions.

20:05 The 8 different Recipients of Zakat funds citing from the Qur’an. AIG sharia compliant insurance.

20:50 Sharia Financial Institutions, a list of about 100 different companies.

22:00 Why is it important to know this information? Generational change. Jerusalem and Israel and the house of Islam.

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