The Offence of the Cross

When I listened to this sermon from Martyn Lloyd Jones I was reminded of the funding of 40 million dollars that the New South Wales government is putting forth in the hopes of combating the rising and rampant epidemic of domestic violence.

“The systems are not working, the governments know that from the statistics, from the funding that’s been gobbled up and the solutions not making [much difference]”Source

I suspect that this new money will not make much difference either. Its only the cross that can make a difference, but to our increasingly secular society, it’s not an option that’s even brought to the table.

0:40 Why is it an offense to the natural man (intellectual pride).

3:18 We’re not saved by ideas and that’s what the natural man believes.

4:30 The natural man thinks that the cross is immoral.

7:20 All men’s troubles emanate from man’s pride.

8:00 Man modern man! Here comes something (the cross) that smashes the idol.

9:40 The son of man has come to seek and save. People don’t object the saving message but they don’t like the message that we’re all lost.

11:50 The world is full of do-gooders. Yet not one is righteous.

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