Knocked Conscious & President Obama’s Speech

He’s claims to have been not KO’ed in a race car accident, but Knocked conscious!

This is Darrell Lee Waltrip’s testimony at the National Prayer Breakfast 2015.

According to Wikipedia he’s an “American motorsports analyst, author, national television broadcaster, former racing car driver, a 3-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, (1981, 1982, 1985), a 3-time NASCAR Cup Series runner-up, (1979, 1983, 1986), winner of the 1989 Daytona 500, and the first 5-time winner of the Coca-Cola 600 (formerly the World 600), the Series’ longest race (1978, 1979, 1985, 1988, 1989), (a first for any driver, all time).”

This breakfast has made headlines for various other reasons, namely President Obama’s speech where he condemned the actions of Christians during the crusades as well as the slavery that took place in America.

I think these times call for fairly accurate and discerning commentary that outlines the fundamental nature of the Islamic faith as it relates to the dominant influence in western culture.

As Albert Mohler has made clear, it appears that the rampant rise of modern secularism and now conversely medieval Islam are two conflicting forces that on the surface are now clashing in a global war of worldviews.

Anything that was once considered absolute truth and a truth that was even held to be self evident in most of the western world has now been almost fully rejected. As a consequence we are now entering a period of time where there is no proper understanding of what we’re confronting, no foundation to base our counter arguments upon and thus no effective or enduring response to Islam.

In Australia, some people who not unlike the President of America seem to even entertain ‘islamophilia’- a pejorative though accurate term often used to describe unwavering and uncritical admiration of the values of Islam.

Unfortunately, we collectively get to witness these kinds of tendencies every time we have a Jihadist going berserk. And such an opportunity was offered by the Martin Place siege back in December last year when members of the influential gentry and those of similar persuasion took to twitter with chants of #Illridewithyou in the hopes these kinds of problems would just go away. On the face of it, the canting leftist’s current strategy to the problem radical Islam poses is to hug it out. That entire Sturm und Drang feel good crusade was nothing more than a deflection with a thinly veiled hollow sentimentality and is indicative of how ill equipped the politicians of the day are to deal effectively with this issue.

An examination of the Islamic religion shows that there is a holy deity with no intermediary between you and him and no guarantee that you will have peace with Allah except, and here’s the point – that you die committing an act of Jihad. These people are then referred to as martyrs and guaranteed eternal life in paradise.

Most of the elected officials fail to realise that this first and foremost, is a spiritual war, much like Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians 10:4 and that any attempt to simply reify Islam probably won’t work.

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