The War of the Worldviews

Working from 1 Corinthians 1

3:10 The natural man and 3 enemies of the Christian mind.
1. Unbelief.
2. Biblical illiteracy.
3. Spiritual immaturity.

4:30 We all operate out of a worldview.

7:45 Peach tree Rd and the culture war as it is becoming. The apostle Paul would not be shocked.

11:45 The Christian worldview is the refutation of every other world view.

13:00 Christianity is the antithesis of every other thesis.

13:45 The word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing.

15:10 The radical nature of the Christian message.

18:35 Gnostics and intellectuals.

20:00 Briefly talks about Corinth.

21:00 The wisdom of the world.

22:00 The folly of preaching – Isaiah 6.

24:00 Two ways to oppose the gospel;
1. People seeking evidence.
2. 30:58 Intellectual sophistication.

37:50 Cultural Christianity and the false assurance of living at peace with the intellectual world view.

40:10 What’s required of Christians now is to realise they are living in a clash of world views. (He ties this back with the first 3 points at 3:10).

41:40 The competitor world views
1. Communistic atheism
2. Modern secularism
3. Medieval Islam

44:50 The modern church is trying to reduce the antithesis and limping between two very different opinions. (Cites 1 Kings 18:21 as an exmaple).

47:17 How does the word of God make sense.

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