What Every Christian Needs to Know About Islam

1:56 minute mark Christians fear Islam and he details the consequences of that attitude. Also says that Muslims don’t believe the Quran exists in any other form than that of Arabic.

5:08 The 5 Pillars of Islam begin with the Shahadah one of the five religious obligations accepted by all Muslims

5:55 Talks about the Arabic language. Also mentions that the majority of the worlds Muslims are not Arabs.

6:20 Islam is a religio-political system, says you can’t separate out the Sharia (the legal framework ) from Islam.

6:58 The second pillar – 5 daily prayers

7:32 The third pillar – Fasting (Ramadan)

8:40 The fourth pillar – Zakat (Giving of Alms)

8:50  The fifth pillar – Hajj which is the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca

9:44 Talks about becoming a Muslim. Shows a video clip of this taking place at 11:40-16:25 then he follows with a brief discussion about the clip.

18:04 The penalty for leaving Islam (death)

18:58 Shows a clip of James White (the presenter) answering a question from a Muslim in a debate back in 1999. At 22:34 he says that the argument the man in the video was making was a Quranic argument.

23:20 Shows another video clip from his first serious Islamic debate and discusses this at 27:50

28:30 The six articles of belief of Sunni Islam. Sunni make up about 90% of the worlds Muslims, Shiites about 10%. Shiites control about 50% of oil reserves in the Muslim world; they are also the majority in Iran.

29:20 Belief in Allah (First and second article). According to Islam, everyone from all the prophets in the bible to Christ to you and me were born Muslim but later corrupted.

30:03 Belief in Angels

30:50 Belief in the books (4th article)

31:00 Belief in the judgment (5th article)

31:13 Belief in destiny (Qadar)

32:00 No creeds in Islam, the closest thing to a creed in Islam is Surah 112.

33.00 Talks about the chronology of the Surah’s.

35.00 Talks about Surah 112

36.40 Talks about the 3rd ayah which contradicts the deity of Christ.

38.05 Talks about the references in the Quran about Christians

38.25 The Tawhid (the oneness of God)

38.50 The idea of shirk (the one unforgivable sin in Islam and first barrier to presenting the Gospel to Muslims.)

40.30 Muhammad’s intercession for his people on the Day of Judgment

41.07 Muhammad’s uncle

42.10 The best place in Hell or what is the least punishment in Hell according to Islam

43.25 The denial in Islam that Jesus died on the cross

43:35 The second barrier to presenting the Gospel to Muslims. Also there are 93 verses in the Quran that make reference to Jesus. Surah 19 is named after his Jesus’ mother and she is the only woman in the Quran referred to by name. The Quran says that Jesus did miracles that even Christians don’t believe e.g. He formed clay birds that he then breathed on and they flew away – this is from the Gnostic gospel of Thomas.

44:50 The author of the Quran shows no knowledge of the canonical gospels, Muhammad knows more about the Gnostic gospels than he does about Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

45:15 Surah 4:157 denies the crucifixion of Jesus

46:40 The Quran claims to be easy to understand

48:50 Muslims in western societies believe someone else, namely Judas, was put on the cross in Christ’s place

50:00 On explaining the significance of Christ’s death to Muslims

50:50 Talks more about shirk and why some Muslims will retract from this idea

52:45 The Islamic dilemma (Surah 5). The Quran is considered an extension/appendence of the Torah.

54:00 The people of the gospel (Christians) are to judge what Muhammad was saying weighed against that of what’s written in the gospels (Surah 5:47)

56:10 Talks about Muslims claiming that the bible has been changed many times and is therefore corrupted

57:50 The Quran is not divinely inspired but man-made

59:00 Asks what Muhammad would have been seeing in the Christian world around the year 590AD

1:02:00 The Quran and the trinity, how it’s viewed in the Quran. Not Father, Son and Holy Spirit but Allah, Mary and Jesus.

1:03:20 Talks about the story in the Quran of a man who killed 99 people and was seeking repentance for that

1:06:40 Allah is unpredictable

1:07:00 Majority of people in hellfire according to Islam, are women

1:07:55 Why does all of this matter (shows some footage of attempted bombing of Scotland Airport by two medical doctors)

1:09:40 The reason the bombers did what they did was because the only way that they would have any assurance of being at peace with Allah was to die in an act of Jihad

1:10:00 The line between moderate and radical Islam is very thin

1:11:10 Thee biggest difference between Islam and Christianity. We have a mediator between us and a Holy God, they do not.

1:12:00 What we can do as Christians

1:13:50 Talks about Saddam Hussein and how he knew at least knew how to keep the peace in his region of the world

1:14:45 Finished up with question time (hard to hear)

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