Bart Ehrman vs James White: Did the Bible Misquote Jesus? Part 1

0.00 Opening statement by Bart Ehrman

2:30 How we got the books of the NT. Talks about the gospel of Mark and how it was copied. Claims that the first scribe would have made mistakes and then further copies from that first copy would have also made errors.

7:45 We no longer have the original copies (Also know as autographs) of Marks gospel.

8:15 The oldest copy of Mark is P45, so named because it was the 45th papyrus manuscript to be discovered. This copy dates to around the year 220AD. Ehrman claims P45 is a copy of a copy of a copy….

10:20 Our next earliest copy that contains the entire gospel of Mark is dated to the 4th century, 300 years after the original.

11:00 Ehrman claims that all copies differ from each other.

12:20 Talks about P52.

13:55 Most extant manuscripts come many centuries after the originals.

14:25 Talks about the mistakes made and how many.

15:15 Talks about John Mill (Oxford textual scholar) in 1707 and his Novum Testamentum Graece (The Latin name of an original Greek-language version of the New Testament).

17:30 The number of differences in our manuscripts.

19:40 The kinds of mistakes in the manuscripts, he breaks these down into two categories unintentional and intentional:

• Accidental
• Misspelling
• Parablepsis* occasioned by Homoeoteleuton** 
• Serious Blunders

22:35 Intentional
• John 7:53 – 8:11 is not in the oldest manuscripts
• The last 12 verses of Mark were added to the original and best manuscripts
• Luke 23:34 claims these verses are not found in some of the oldest and best manuscripts
• Matthew 24:36 claims words were omitted in some manuscripts

29:30 Asks is the text of the New Testament reliable.

* A circumstance in which a scribe miscopies text due to inadvertently looking to the side while copying, or accidentally skips over some of it. 
** the repetition of endings in words.

30:00 Opening statement by James White

32:35 White says there is essentially nothing new about the arguments of Ehrman

33:35 White summarizes the argument

34:00 White faithful response to the arguments

35:00 The more manuscripts you have the more variation you will have. White claims that if you only have a small number of manuscripts, you have fewer variants; you likewise have less certainty of the original readings.

36:55 Details the kinds of variants.

39:50 Primitive corruptions

41:50 The burden of proof lies with the skeptic

42:30 The Byzantine vs. Alexadrian text types

44:05 Spectrum comparison. Tallying up the differences between the Majority Text (Also called the Byzantine text-type) and the Critical Text (NA/USB).

47:55 How the spread of the scriptures took place.

49:25 The preservation of the scriptures.

51:10 Does history misquote everyone?

51:50 The Gospel of Thomas

52:23 What about the claim that textual variants change the entire message of a book

53:20 Talks about how Ehrman and himself have studied the same biblical evidence but come to very different conclusions.

53:45 Talks about the story of P52



59:30 Bart Ehrman Rebuttals

Erhman states why he is taking the time to debate these matters with White given that the audience they are in front of consists of a majority of Christian evangelicals. He also gives some insight of his decent into apostasy.

1:03:50 Gives the nine theses of his book “Misquoting Jesus”.

1:06:20 Aks if there is indeed an original text (autograph) floating around somewhere, then why don’t we have it and why can’t White produce it. Then goes on to talk about some key portions of scripture that significant differences throughout the different manuscripts.

1:09:00 Talks about P75

1:10:20 Trained scribes vs. Untrained scribes. Most variants are from the earliest manuscripts written by untrained scribes – what he claims are the least qualified to do such a job.

1:11:40 Talks about comparing manuscripts.

1:12:20 On the point of preservation of the scriptures.

1:13:15 On the doctrine of inspiration and asks why God has not preserved the words of the scriptures by making sure the scribes wrote down exactly what he wanted to be written.


1:14:45 James White Rebuttals

1:16:45 We believe that the originals (autographs) exist in the manuscript tradition.

1:19:40 Codex Vaticanus and P75.

1:22:16 Mark 1:41 – was Jesus angry?

1:23:50 If the standard has to be as Ehrman seems to say, that there can be no variation of the manuscripts, how can we even know that we have the word of God.

1:25:45 Asks if Ehrman believes in the tenacity of the scriptures e.g. when a particular reading is used in the bible text, it stays there.

1:27:10 Asks if the reproduction standard of the manuscripts set by Ehrman is reasonable e.g should God have directed the very hands of the scribes for them? White says that even Jesus and the Apostles did not have that standard citing his proof for this in the scripture.

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