James White Vs Steven Anderson: On King James Onlyism

This is a debate that James White had with Steven Anderson a few months back, a little more background on the whole thing can be seen here. Both men are intelligent and offer good arguments. For me, White made more relevant points while Anderson, at times, failed to acknowledge the arguments made by White and appeared to be prematurely dismissive.

Anderson believes that there is a global conspiracy of sorts (see his video production: New World Order Bible Version) aimed at watering down the bible with the newer translations like the NIV, ESV and so on over that compared with what’s written in the King James Version, which Anderson believes to be thee only authentic word of God.

I’ll refer herein to King James Onlyists as simply KJVO for those not in the know…


17:15 minute mark White argues that KJVO will apply critical analysis to versions prior to and after the KJV but not to the KJV itself – says they apply circular reasoning and give his definition of that at 17:55.

18:30 Anderson asks why we believe the bible to be inspired.

19:09 our ability to reason and speak comes from somewhere.

19:39 White talks about presuppositionalism.

20:11 White tells why he thinks most Christians are wrong in their apologetics so substantiate the bible e.g. archeology, science, history and gives his reasoning at 20:40 – Ultimate authority.

21:40 Anderson talks about why he believes the bible is inspired and why his belief is completely circular. At 23:20 White offers gives his response to this.

26:00 Anderson talks about how he became a KJO orientated, says “he feels” it to be the word of God. At 31:00 White picks up on the word “feel” as being subjective.

34:00 White compares Anderson’s perception that the KJV is the inspired word of God with how Mormons say the same thing about the book or Mormon.

35:00 Anderson claims there is a great difference between the KJV and NIV proposing that the latter is not God’s word and that people who read from it on a regular basis are NOT SAVED.

36:26 White asks Anderson if he can see how his presuppositions affect his reasoning and to deny the existence of people that Jesus has saved based upon the English translation that they find to be the most understandable to them.

37:30 White says that Anderson has made himself the standard by which to judge other people, because he asked not what gospel they believe but what bible they believe.

 41:00 White talks about the most dangerous aspect of KJVO.

42:09 White asks if the NIV is the “Devil’s Book”, as Anderson claims it to be and they both agree that the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith are present in that version, then why would the Devil leave enough truth in it for people to be saved?

45:35 Anderson asks does your faith stand in the wisdom of men or the power of God? White says that he disagrees with the interpretation and that it makes word of God equal to a particular translation. White claims that if he gives the essence or a verse, as opposed to a verbatim reading, then you have heard the word of God.

46:55 Anderson asks White to give him Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus in a nutshell. He further explains this at 50:41 and 53:05 respectively.

57:25 White talks about the scribes.

1:02:16 White talks about the tendency of scribes to expand on the text and how we have all the original readings.

1:05:50 They begin talking about individual bible verses.

1:09:18 After disputing over the fact that modern bible versions translate to say that Joseph was the father of Jesus, Anderson sees this as a contradiction that the critics of the bible can use. White claims that there is no truth that has been given to us that can’t be twisted.

1:10:00 – :1:20:00 is a fairly intensive and winding part of the conversation.

1:21:00 is the beginning of a dialogue that questions Anderson’s subjectivity.

1:26:00 White talks about contemporary biblical information and why we need it and how it might be beneficial for Christians to learn Koine Greek (common Greek), but he cautions that a little Greek can be a bad thing.

1:27:00 Talks about subduing the body as per 1 Corinthians 9:27.

1:32:39 On Mark 1:2.

1:37:40 Anderson offers a criticism about White’s book claiming that White doesn’t believe that the Devil would attack God’s word via scribes who would then modify the text over time. Talks about the New World Translation.

1:42:30 White talks about God’s preservation of God’s word.

1:44:00 The difference between Acts 9:7 and Acts 22:9.

1:47:25 Obeying Christ and Anderson claiming that the English Standard Version (ESV) doesn’t want people to believe that salvation is by faith alone.

1:56:00 On Calvanism.

1:58:00 Matthew 7:14 – the narrow road.

2:03:35 White talks about KJVO double standards.

2:06:00 Talking about those who are perishing.

2:09:00 First John 5:7 on the trinity. White talks about how he goes about explaining the doctrine of the trinity.

2:11:40 The doctrine of Hell and Hades and the distinction between the two.

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