Q&A Session with Dr. Al Mohler

16:00 minute mark he discusses major issues that face Christianity right now i.e. Heresies etc, they include;

  • Adam
  • Sexuality
  • The exclusivity of the Gospel
  • Are we saved by our works?
  • Denial of sanctification
  • The inerrancy of the Bible

33:30 minute mark he talks about pasturing and seeing results or lack thereof in your flock from the pulpit.

37:00 minute mark talks about contextualisation.

50:00 minute mark offers some insights into worldliness.

54:00 minute mark is about Christians being accused of slaughterhouse religion (“Divine child abuse”) and our fallen morality and how that affects the way we see things.

59:30 minute mark is about being exhausted and the problem of burnout and his reading habits (he reads 7-10 books per week!) and how he “feeds his soul”.

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