When the Crosses are Gone

Amazon.com book: When the Crosses Are Gone: Restoring Sanity to a World Gone Mad

It all reminds me of the recent sermon I read from Spurgeon, in that while they may get rid of the crosses it could prove that;

Never did any other people invoke such an awful curse upon themselves and upon no other nation did such a judgment ever fall! We read of Jews crucified till there was no more wood for making crosses — of thousands of the people slaying one another in their fierce faction fights within the city. Of so many of them being sold for slaves that they became a drug in the market, and all but valueless! And for the fearful carnage when the Romans at length entered the doomed capital and the blood-curdling story exactly bears out the Saviour’s statement uttered nearly 40 years before the terrible events occurred! – Source: THE VOICES OF OUR DAYS

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