The Voices of Our Days


I’ve recently been reading Charles Spurgeon courtesy of One that I found appropriate for this time of year was The voices of our days

He’s speaking from the text of Job 32:7, “I said, Days should speak and multitude of years should teach wisdom.”. And drawing the conclusion that the quality or even mere presence of wisdom is not always synonymous with length of days on earth. There’s a great deal of wisdom in this sermon with one of the main points being that the saints ought to share their knowledge of the faith:

And yet, when a venerable saint is buried who has been very reticent in speech and has never used his pen, what a mint of teaching is buried with him! It always seems to me to be a pity that anything should be lost through the hand of death—it should rather be a gain!

Does not our Savior tell us that the well of water in us is to become rivers of water streaming out from us? As we receive, we should give! The more we learn, the more we should teach—and if God teaches
us, it is because He expects us to instruct others.

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