Perception, Peeping-Toms & Perniciousness


Matthew 12:30 – Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

Perception, Peeping-Toms and perniciousness are just three problems that I see when it comes to bikie gangs being given ample air time. When someone views Biker gang violence on the 6 o’clock news it’s instinctual to feel as if that’s an immediate and widespread threat, when in fact it is not. At least in my mind, I don’t think that’s the real threat.

That perception is a gross distortion of reality and acts as a façade to the underlying problem. Of course the general public has a fascination that probably borders on voyeurism with the visceral and primal aspects of life that these men apparently offer up. You only have to read some of the glowing reviews at of the autobiographical books of Bikie members such as “The Aging Rebel”, “The Life and Times of Sonny Barger” or “No Angel” to get a feel for what piques the human psyche.

In a way it appears that society, in some respects and within its collective heart, has been having a dirty little affair on the side with the fruits of gang violence and other unwholesome activity and is thus guilty of Schadenfreude. Or perhaps it’s more a case of everyone needing someone to look down on so they don’t have to examine themselves.

In one case in point, the dominant culture at large comes into contact with the entrepreneurial or money-making gangs through the buying of drugs, namely ‘ice’, at night clubs and various other haunts. This sort of behaviour is one form of self-destruction that helps fund an evil trade and could very well have wider implications.

Because if reports from The Australian are correct and as such Ambulance call-outs to ice users tripled in the two years to July last year which over stresses a service that was designed for genuine health emergencies, then in effect, if by your actions you’re not against it, then by default and voting with your wallet, you’re for it and have disqualified yourself from having anything meaningful to say on the matter.

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  1. Thanks for sharing…….good writings…….

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