The Paradox of Faith


The Paradox

…I started writing down the things that make the Gospel appear foolish. Things like this: A king who becomes a servant. A king who exchanges the crown of glory for a crown of thorns. The eternal God…who fills all the vastness of the limitless universe, confined to a human body. The God who is outside time. The Creator of time, subject to 33 years of life. The eternal Giver of Life who dies…on the surface, all of that seems paradoxical, if not downright contradictory. The righteous judge…the holy and righteous judge who becomes the guilty criminal’s advocate…the holy executioner of sinners who becomes the Savior of sinners. The God who measures all men against the perfection of His law…and decides to forgive sinners all the violations.

And it isn’t just…those matters which have to do with God that appear so contradictory and so difficult. It is matters that have to do with God’s revelation. God has given us Scripture, and Scripture is a law which provides complete freedom from sin. And the truth of Scripture obeyed is a freedom which is a form of slavery to righteousness.

Even when you look at believers’ lives…we are enemies who become sons.

We are outcasts who become aristocrats. We are the poor who become rich.

We are the bankrupt who are made joint heirs with Christ and will inherit all eternal glories.

We are the criminals who become judges…We are the haters of God who become the lovers of God.

We are the one God…the ones God hates…and then loves. We are…souls born twice.

We are dying people who live forever…We live lives…subject to death…and yet we conquer death.

We are the constantly defeated who become more than conquerors.

We are heroes who rejoice in our weaknesses. We are the world’s despised…whom the Lord honors forever.

We are part of a Kingdom on earth that has a capital city in Heaven. We are just a humble little flock…and yet we are kings and priests unto our God.

The full sermon can be viewed here at Grace to You

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