Bible Questions & Answers – Part 51


Allah is another name for Satan

Allah is another name for Satan because the Allah, the Allah of Islam, is not the true and living God, the true and living God is not Allah. That has to be made clear. We are not talking about the same God. They are monotheistic, they have one god. But their god is not a trinity. That is not the true God. They do not believe in God as a trinity, therefore that’s not the true God. They do not even believe that he is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

They believe he is the God of Abraham, whose true and legitimate heir was Ishmael, so they rewrite the Scripture. So he is not the triune God, who said, “Let us make man in our image.”

I think you have to make a clean break with that. And I think that that is very important. I wouldn’t go to somebody worshiping an idol and say, “Well, let me tell you who this god really is.” What I would say is, “That is a demonic substitute for the true and living God. That is not any representation of the true God.” Call him what you will. Everybody calls him, “god.” The Hindus have millions of entities that they call, “god.” None of them are God. None of them.

…they believe that their god, Allah, is the Creator god and that he is…that he is sovereign; they’re very strong on the doctrine of sovereignty. In fact, they believe in a god who is so sovereign that nothing that man does can in any way alter his will. Everything is the will of Allah. It’s a kind of a deterministic sovereignty.

I understand that there are some parallels. But, you know, that’s the subtlety, and that’s the seduction of it. Even the clock that doesn’t run is right twice a day. That’s the deadliness…that’s the deadliness of false religion. They come in and find points of identification

I think the safest place to go is to call Him what the Bible calls Him. And the way He’s identified in he Scriptures, the names of God are very clear. But I think one good way to do it in an Arabic environment would be to identify him as the triune God. I know in Arabic, there’s a word for trinity

MARISA: Yeah. El-thaluth. Yeah.

JOHN: Yeah. Okay. He is the El-thaluth Al-Elah. He is the triune God. That’s not the god of Islam. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; that’s a clear distinction. He is the God of Israel. That in itself is a clear distinction. He is the God…He is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Those are biblical names for him. You could use, you know he is El Elyon, El Shaddai, El Makadeshkim, you know El Kanu, the God of righteousness. You can use any biblical terms you want, but it is His trinity, it is His covenant name as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…

God’s enemies become our enemies – Koran vs. Bible

SHANE: All right John, my name is Shane. My question is how should we theologically classify passages like Psalm 139:19-23, in light of the New Testament teachings to love our enemy and those who persecute us? Since many times God’s enemies are, in fact, or become our enemies. How do we answer someone who quotes passages such as these and claims that the Bible is guilty of the same hatefulness that is found in the Koran?

Difference between Koran and The Bible – Imprecatory psalms

JOHN: Right, and this is a…this is coming up all the time now. People are picking up on the imprecatory Psalms, where the psalmist is praying for God to destroy his enemies. The difference is a very clear difference…in the Koran its people being called to kill for God. In the Bible it’s people asking God to destroy those who are destroying His people. One puts the power, the Jihad in the hands of the people. The other puts the vengeance where it belongs, with God.

We’re not talking about working hard to be a Christian

MARGARET: I was taught before, when I used to go to a different church, but once you become born again, I mean once you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you can never lose your salvation. But it seems like after listening to all your preaching that being a Christian is not just saving by grace, you have to constantly work hard to be a Christian to obey. Does that mean the Christians would still go to hell?

JOHN: No. No, they were right at your other church. Once you become born again, that’s it forever. We’re not talking about working hard to be a Christian. We’re talking about working hard to honor God as a Christian. Just a simple analogy. If I’m born into a family, I don’t have to work to be a son. I’m a son. My parents would like me to be a good one, a useful one, a helpful one, a respectful one, an honoring one. And that’s what we’re talking about. We’re talking about living your Christian life to the glory and honor of God and to your own blessing and eternal reward. Okay?

The full discussion can be found here at Grace to You

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