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The Exclusiveness of the Gospel

The crux of the matter And the subject at hand is, can the heathen be saved without the gospel? And also, this is not going to be really a sermon, this is going to be more like my just giving … Continue reading

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The Wilful Submission of a Christian Wife

Ephesians 5:22-24 I don’t need to remind in biblical times people were married by the time they were fifteen or sixteen, some of you are way overdue. Get married. The Proverbs 31 woman And, men, stop looking for the Proverbs … Continue reading

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Learning from Bad Examples

1 Corinthians 10:1-13 Warnings about falling from a place of blessing To think about Corinth was to think about the ultimate kind of idolatry, the ultimate forms of false religion and the very ultimate life of sexual immorality. And that … Continue reading

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Finding Security in This Troubled World

So anyway, I’m sure that most people will be waking to the news of the incident in the UK. Another tragic and violent end and of course its the fruit of sin, hatred and ultimately the devil, for he was … Continue reading

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The Pastor as a Parent

The biblical way: The minister as mother and father I want to talk to you about the pastor as a parent–the pastor as a mother, the pastor as a father. To do that, I want to draw you to 1 … Continue reading

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Testimonies to the Resurrection

Sunday when the church gathers, it remembers that He rose on the first day of the week, and that’s why we meet when we do. The significance of the resurrection The resurrection is not just one element in the Christian … Continue reading

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Usurping the Seat of Christ

…tonight I want to talk to you about the pope and what is going on in the display of Roman Catholicism in front of us, from the perspective of the Word of God, the Scripture. This is a big subject … Continue reading

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The Divine Summons

John 3:1-10 Believers or Christians are the “called” We’re talking about a call that is an absolute effective call. Whom He called, He justified and glorified. Now let’s talk about the word “call.” Simple word in the English language. Kaleo; … Continue reading

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Simply Believe

John 3:11-14 The great truth of salvation that people too often hide Whatever you are, whatever you have done, have not done, whatever good you’ve done, whatever evil you’ve done has no bearing on this. Your connection to religion has … Continue reading

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Belief, Judgment, and Eternal Life

The context This is a part of a series of sermons that deals with Nicodemus unbelief and his conversation with Christ in John 3, Specifically John 3:15-21. Nicodemus, according to verse 10 of chapter 3, was the teacher in Israel … Continue reading

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