The Invisible War – Steve Lawson

This is a sermon that I think would be worth your time to listen to, its from the book of Job and was recorded at the Shepard’s conference back in 2010, but it’s a timeless message.

Some poignant excerpts from the sermon;

The existence of a real personal devil is taught in 7 OT books, every NT book, and by Christ Himself.

Consider all the various names he carries. He is quite simply the evil one. And what is Satan in heaven to do? The answer is found in his name — a word that means to attack, accuse and slander. An adversary and opponent in court. He brings criminal accusations. What is he doing? He is bringing charges against the people of God — cf. Zech. 3:1. This is the avowed purpose of the devil — to accuse God’s people in God’s court. He is a grave digger.

We need an advocate at the right hand of the Father — and that Advocate has never lost a case!

Before God uses a man greatly He must break him greatly. The more we want to be used by God, the more we have to be willing to suffer. With great godliness comes great exposure to the enemy.

I believe in the devil because I battled him this morning – Martin Luther

I want to be as well known in Hell as in Heaven – Martin Luther

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