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The Invisible War – Steve Lawson

This is a sermon that I think would be worth your time to listen to, its from the book of Job and was recorded at the Shepard’s conference back in 2010, but it’s a timeless message. Some poignant excerpts from … Continue reading

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Reasons for Remaining Single, Part 1: Because of the World

1 Corinthians 7:25-31…This morning as we come to verses 25 to 40… and a very, very unusual text it is, dealing with reasons for remaining single…But now, in order to try to prod those people who have the gift of … Continue reading

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Christians and Social Revolution

General principles Now we’ve already seen what Paul has to say to the single, to the married and to those who are married to unbelievers. And now, as we look at verse 17, Paul takes these particular things that he … Continue reading

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Divine Guidelines for Marriage

Paul married once? And, of course, at this time Paul was single. He may have been married, since marriage appears to be a necessity for a member of the Sanhedrin, which he once was. It is, however., likely that his … Continue reading

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The Down Grade

In this video MacArthur demonstrates true biblical authority in action. In his recently released book and a subsequent research report on worldviews, author and researcher George Barna made waves by citing statistics showing just 9% of all born again adults … Continue reading

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To Marry or Not to Marry

The practicality of 1st Corinthians The book of I Corinthians, as you already know by now, is intensely practical. It doesn’t get into a whole lot of theology, it sort of hits it lightly and then it dives deeply into … Continue reading

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Christian Liberty and Sexual Freedom

The wayward rational of the Corinthians I say that just to say this. Unless you really know the Lord Jesus Christ, unless you’re a Christian, unless you understand what it is to live for God, this kind of a morality … Continue reading

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Zeal for my Fathers House

The overarching purpose of Johns Gospel Now remember, the overarching purpose of John’s entire gospel is stated in chapter 20 and verse 31, and I remind you of it every time because it’s the reason for everything that John writes. … Continue reading

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The Love of God – Part 2

Temporal love And so we said that God’s love is unlimited in its extent. But the second proposition we started last week and we’ll continue it this morning is that God’s love is limited in degree. While He loves the … Continue reading

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