Open Mind?

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:7

What an agnostic is In fact, in the book of Proverbs, the writer of Proverbs talks about simpletons.

And in the Hebrew language it says, “O you simple ones,” in chapter 1, and it repeats that, “O you simple ones,” the word “simple” really is the Hebrew word for an open door.

Again, I told you the language is very concrete. And the word means an open door. And that’s a great way to look at somebody’s mind.

And that’s how the Hebrews viewed the mind. They said a naive person, a simpleton, a fool was a person who had the door open to his mind all the time.

Everything came in and everything went out. It’s the inability to discriminate. It was the inability to protect himself, to keep some things out and hold some things in.

It’s like the person who says, “I’m an agnostic,” and they’re sort of proud of it. “Well, I’m an agnostic,” and they don’t understand the Latin equivalent is ignoramus.

I’ve never heard anybody say, “I’m an ignoramus and proud of it.” It’s the same thing. What it means is I don’t know…I don’t know.

You hear people say, “I have an open mind,” well the Hebrew would say, “Shut it.

You need to be discerning. You need to know what to let it and what to keep out. Guard your mind.

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