Genesis vs. Geology


Why people claim the creation account is allegory, myth & non-literal

And you ask the question, “Why do they do that? Why do people who claim to be Christians do that?” Well there are several reasons.

Number one is to be accepted in academic circles. It’s very important if you’re in a university setting, if you’re in an academic setting, that you not be a creationist if you want to maintain your position, if you want your job.

Secondly, people do that because they’re ignorant of true science. They don’t really understand science and where science can go and where it can’t go. And they have basically been deceived by science, falsely so-called.


And thirdly, I think they may be compelled the same way that Darwin was compelled, and that was by the illusion of appearance. Darwin developed his whole system on illusory observations that had nothing to do with DNA, nothing to do with genetics, nothing to do with really what was going on.

Uniformitarianism: What it is

It is what we call a uniformitarian concept. That is that everything just continues the same way in this long, multi-billion year process, everything progressing at the very same rate. That process they assume would have taken up to 20 billion years.

Two very outstanding theologians and scientists, Henry Morris and John Whitcomb, marshalled evidence from known natural processes including the hydro-dynamic drag of flood water to demonstrate the necessity of a universal flood to explain the present geological structures of the earth which cannot be explained from present slow processes.

Frankly, folks, science, true science is not at all on the side of evolutionists.

Widespread geologic phenomenon such as a heavy preponderance of sedimentary rocks and structures all across earth’s surface, including seashells on the tops of the highest mountains, rapid, almost sudden deposits of fossils and extremely large and deep fossil graveyards, as well as the pressurized formation of coal and gas, all point to a watery catastrophe, not some slow natural process. And more and more recent studies are confirming this.

What Uniformitarianism cannot explain

Scott Hulse summarizes some of this evidence, just give it to you briefly.

Creationists maintain the uniformitarian principles simply cannot account for most of the major geological features and formations.

  • For instance, there’s the vast Tibetan plateau which consists of sedimentary deposits which are thousands of feet thick, located presently at an elevation of three miles above sea level.
  • The Karoo formation of Africa contains an estimated 800 billion vertebrate animals.
    The herring fossil bit of California contains approximately one billion fish within a four-square mile area.
  • The uniformitarian concept is equally incapable of explaining the Columbia plateau in northwestern United States which is an incredible lava plateau several thousand feet thick covering an area of 200 thousand square miles.
  • Uniformitarianism also fails to offer a reasonable explanation for important geological concepts such as mountain building,” and it goes on and on and I won’t bore you with it.

All of these things require sudden and dramatic change, rapid burial and lithification, as it’s called, are essential to the formation and preservation of fossils. The only possible way you can have seashells on the top of mountains thousands of miles from the sea is if there was once water there.

Geology Claims & Mount St Helens

Douglas Kelly writing in his book, Creation and Change, says, The uniformitarian assumption that millions of years of geological work extrapolating from present, slow, natural processes would be required to explain structure such as the American Grand Canyon, for instance, is called into serious question by the explosion of Mount St. Helens in the state of Washington on the eighteenth of May, 1980.

Massive energy equivalent to 20 million tons of TNT destroyed four hundred square kilometers of forest in six minutes, changing the face of the mountain and digging out depths of earth and rock, leaving formations not unlike parts of the larger Grand Canyon.

Recent studies of the Mount St. Helens’ phenomenon indicate that if attempts were made to date these structures which were formed in 1980 on the basis of uniformitarian theory, millions of years of formation time would be necessarily postulated.

The Moon dust layer indicates a young earth

There are some other interesting indicators of a young universe.

One that I find fascinating is the issue of moon dust.

Before man reached the moon it was assumed by some scientists who were committed to the paradigm involving a moon probably 3.5 billion years old that there would therefore be a very thick layer of dust on the moon.

One writer, Raymond Lyttleton, an astronomer and consultant to the U.S. Space Program wrote this, “The lunar surface is exposed to direct sunlight and strong ultra-violet light and x-rays can destroy the surface layers of exposed rock and reduce them to dust at the rate of a few ten thousands of an inch per year.

But even this minute amount could during the age of the moon be sufficient to form a layer over it several miles deep. And so his theory was that the moon was several miles deep in dust.

Now we are told that astronaut Neil Armstrong read about this and was very concerned that when he stepped out of the spaceship he might sink forever into a suffocating morass of deep dust.

On the other hand, he found very little dust at all. If the calculations indicating the rate of dust accumulation were accurate, there was not a billion years worth of dust, there wasn’t even a million years worth of dust, there was in fact only a few thousand years worth of dust if dust is formed in that way by ultra-violet light from the sun.

Geology and oil beds indicate a young earth

Another interesting thing is about oil gushers. When oil reservoirs are tapped by drilling, the immense pressure in the reservoir forces up the oil through a kind of spouting geyser.

The great pressure that is still surrounding oil formation is thought by some geologists to testify to a young earth. A scientist by the name of Dickey and others have published the results on this matter in their research in a volume called Science. This is what they write.

“Studies show that any pressure built should be dissipated, bled off into surrounding rocks within a few thousand years. The excessive pressures found within oil beds, therefore, refute the notion of their age being on the order of millions of years and argues for the youthful age, something less than ten thousand years of the rock formation and the oil trapped in it.”

The Earth formed out of water

In a sense, this is like a potter who wishing to fashion a beautiful vessel and then to fill it to be used first takes a lump of clay and places it on the wheel to mold and fit it to his purpose.

So God first gets the raw material and it is a mix of elements covered with water existing in universal darkness, this before He begins to shape it. And this, by the way, I think is what Peter, 2 Peter 3:5, meant, “The earth was formed out of water.” The earth was formed out of water. “And by water.” Of course, that being the Flood.

Proverbs 8:27 says, “He drew a circle over the face of the deep.” First thing, the matter became spherical. So God had this ball of elements that would constitute the earth when He shaped it engulfed in water.

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