The spirit is the wind in your sails


It expresses the idea of a moment by moment continual work. It’s not some second thing that’s good for the rest of your life. My being filled with the Spirit five minutes ago isn’t any good for this moment, none, my being filled with the Spirit tomorrow isn’t any good for today. It’s moment by moment by moment.

Now, when you think of filling you think of a glass you know and you fill it or a box and you stick something in it or a container and you dump something in it, but that’s not the idea. I’m going to give you three concepts to hang onto. The word pleroo is used of, of a wind filling a sail and billowing the sail out and moving the ship along. You know when we say that the, the sails are filled with wind, and that’s in Paul’s mind for a beginning thought, to be carried along, to be carried along, a beautiful thought, to be moved along, to have the, the thrust of your life and the energy of your life and the pressure of your life be the power of the Spirit of God.

There’s a second one, and that’s the idea of permeation. Pleroo is used sometimes of something which permeates, and I think a good illustration of that is salt, salt permeates, in fact it permeates so well that if you put enough of it on something it will preserve it

Let me see if I can illustrate it to you. Whenever in the Gospel record the writer wants to talk about somebody who, who just is dominated by an emotion he will use the word pleroo which is used here.

In other words in, in John 16:6 it says, “They were filled with sorrow.” In other words sorrow to such a degree that it can’t be balanced off by happiness and they’re just totally sorrowful. In Luke 5:26, “They were filled with fear.” In other words that they couldn’t no longer feel secure and they were just seared to death. And in Luke 6:11, “They were filled with madness.” And in Acts 6:5, “They were filled with faith.” And in Acts 5:3, “Filled with Satan.” And so it goes.

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