Delivered to Satan

The point is this, the Scripture indicates that people who are within the framework of the community of believers, whether you’re talking about 1 Timothy 1, Hymenaeus and Alexander who were pastors in the church, whether you’re talking about Old Testament characters like Job, whether you’re talking about Jesus Christ Himself, whether you’re talking about Paul or talking about Peter, these people who belong to the Lord’s kingdom one way or another who are under the protection of it can for God’s own purposes of remedial instruction and correction and training and illustration of great truth be brought into the dominion of Satan unprotected for God’s holy purpose and glory. Some are turned over to Satan for refining, some are… like Peter was. Some are turned over to Satan for greater effectiveness like Paul was. Some for proving the validity of their faith like Job was, but in all of those, the greater glory goes to God in praising Him for the kind of salvation that holds a Job, the kind of power that humbles a Paul and that restores a Peter. And so, God receives the glory in all those things.

That is why Ephesians chapter 2 and verse 2 says that all unredeemed people who are dead in trespasses and sins walk according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air who is called the spirit of disobedience who works in them. The whole unredeemed human race lies in Satan’s power.

Satan is the one, according to Hebrews 2, has the power of death. There are times when God turns people over for Satan to use that power. And in that case, that’s what happened. Turned over to him because of sin. In the case of Judas, an unbeliever, in the case of Saul, likely an unbeliever, in the case of Ananias and Sapphira, believers, turned over to Satan for a chastening. You say, “Did they go to hell?” No, they went to heaven if they were true believers, but the judgment was nonetheless exceedingly severe and caused others to have great fear. So, there are those within the protected community who can be turned over to Satan not for the sake of teaching some great truth, not for the sake of maintaining humility, not for the sake of strengthening others, not for the sake of gaining reward, not for the sake of eternal praise, but for the sake of judgment. Paul the apostle mentioned that when someone is turned over to Satan it is for he destruction of the flesh (disease??)


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